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Our Services

Our Services


We provide general servicing for all types of bikes and brands. Services such as brake tuning, gear alignment and indexing, and all other general issues. Please contact us and let us know your problem and we will do our best to provide the best solution to your bike issues!


We provide both tube and tyre replacement for all bikes, subject to stock availability of the parts needed.


We provide both standard mineral and royal blood mineral oil bleeding for full hydraulic brakes. If your hydraulic requires bleeding, contact us with the brake model and we will get advise you further!


We provide drive-chain overhaul, focus mainly on the drive-chain system of your bike; cassette, chainring and chain. If you're looking to improve the performance of your bike, you are advised to perform a drive-chain overhaul every 6-9 months.

We also provide full-overhaul where we strip every structural component and perform the necessary checks and maintenance required. Full-overhaul includes cleaning of your bike frame.

Please take note cleaning and overhaul does not remove rust nor does it restore any faulty bike components. You will be advised further should there be any repair or replacement needed.